beauty confronts death in the formula of mother daughter

by Oscar Schwartz

for example

a mother wearing the same tight black jeans as her daughter strides forth and the daughter wearing the same tight black jeans as her mother confronts her fatty hips

there is something in this scene that is reminiscent of the formula

“the body dies the body’s beauty lives on”

it’s not that the mother is the death of beauty

not that the daughter is waiting for her fatty hips

not that the daughter’s beauty has died in the mother’s tight black jeans

not that death strides forth on the mother’s fatty daughter

it’s not that henceforth beauty is dead in the mother

or conversely mother and daughter are beautiful in death

or inversely that death is the beauty of a mother’s fatty hips

it’s not that death wears the same beauty as the fat mother

not that it strides forth in the daughter who is accelerating up the street

her stride growing fat with the confronting beauty of her mother

her mother shrinking to something the beautiful daughter can fit in the hip pocket of her jeans

it’s not the same beauty death and the death of black

not that tight beauty of the scenic

not that confronting formula of the fat

it’s not that mother daughter scenes are reminiscent of death

not that wearing death is daughter wearing the living hips of mother

not that wearing beauty is a scene of forthcoming reminiscence

not that something beautiful lives that wears a daughter

not that something deathly lives that inverts a mother

no, it’s just that beauty confronts death in the formula of mother and daughter


oscar schwartz is a writer from melbourne. he is exploring the ways in which digital technology are changing what it means to be human.